Dunstable Downs Trail Half Marathon

Race rules

There are a number of important things to know before embarking on a trail race in the British countryside.

We've explained all the rules below, but please email [email protected] if you have a question.


This race is permitted by the Trail Running Association (permit pending) and will operate under UK Athletics competition rules.

You can view these rules on the UK Athletics website.

Countryside code

All runners must adhere to the countryside code at all times. A copy of this is written below.

  1. Fasten all gates.
  2. Keep to public paths across farmland.
  3. Guard against all fire risks.
  4. Use gates and stiles to cross fences hedges and walls.
  5. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.
  6. Take your litter home.
  7. Help keep water clean.
  8. Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
  9. Take special care on country roads.
  10. Make no unnecessary noise.

You can read the full Countryside Code by clicking here.

General rules

1. Competitors must be 17 years or over.

2. Runners must follow the marked route at all times.

3. Runners run this race completely at their own risk & agree to this when registering for the run.

4. Dogs are not permitted for this race.

5. If you are unable to finish the race you must inform a marshal or contact the event staff using the phone number provided.

6. Runners must carry the mandatory equipment with them at all times.

7. Runners must disclose any existing medical conditions at registration and take full responsibility for their ability to run the race.

8. Runners are permitted to carry poles.

9. Assistance may only be provided at aid stations.

10. Runners must recognise they have equal rights to be on the route and be courteous to other users.

11. Competitors should not jostle at stiles and other obstacles. Nor should they push past slower runners on narrow paths.

12. If a runner comes across another competitor who is ill or hurt they MUST offer assistance.

13. A runner must retire immediately if asked to do so by a race official.

Useful information

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If you have a question please email [email protected]

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